Our Story


Sweet & Savory's Proprietor

We all have moments in our lives that we never forget. Moments that shape us and change the course of direction in which we proceed from that moment forward. For Dora Liang, one of those moments was when she chose to take a home economics class instead of a typing class in high school. From her first moment in the kitchen to the first dish she ever prepared, good ‘ole sloppy joe’s, her passion for food and most especially, her love for American comfort-food began. 

As a child, Dora grew up in a Taiwan and immigrated to the U.S. at age 14. During her school years, she excelled in science and became a successful pharmacist. She eventually moved to Southern California and settled in San Marino in 1997. She continued to practice pharmacy while raising her two daughters yet, she never forgot that feeling of being in the kitchen, cooking, baking and creatively expressing herself through food. Eventually, she started to cook and bake for her family and friends in her spare time. She would often entertain them in her home where she was able to experiment with recipes along with creating her own unique recipes and flavor combinations. Needless to say, no one left Dora’s table hungry or dissatisfied.As the years past, her passion for food grew. The decision to become an entrepreneur, open her own bakery and be her own boss was inevitable. Sweet & Savory is the realization of that life-long dream. It’s the realization of Dora’s vision and desire to bring delicious, home-made, American baked goods and comfort-food to her friends and home town of San Marino. Everything at Sweet & Savory reflects Dora’s style of rustic cooking and baking using only the freshest, seasonal ingredients, both sweet and savory. So there’s something for everyone. Sweet & Savory is the Yin and the Yang that we all seek in our lives for balance, pleasure and satisfaction.Dora and the rest of her staff hope you’ll visit Sweet & Savory for the immediate satisfaction that one of her fresh baked goods will give you and keep returning because of the moments you’ll share and the delicious food you’ll consistently experience each and every time.